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In south Florida
since 1973

WRHC "Cadena Azul" 1550 AM, South Florida’s most diverse and varied station, something for everyone, and a tradition and history that is unmatched.

CWRHC Cadena Azul is a name adopted from the historic radio network of Cuba, Cadena Azul (Blue Network). WRHC (Radio Habana Cuba) was its Havana affiliate, and thus where the radio station derived its name from. Founded in 1973 in Miami, WRHC Cadena Azul Miami 1550 AM was the first radio station founded by Cubans in exile, for the Cuban exile community. No station in the city has as much history as Cadena Azul, the grandfather of all Latin and Cuban radio in Miami.

Since its inception, however, Cadena Azul’s and Miami’s demographic and cultural landscape has changed. Cadena Azul is the premier AM station of the entire diverse Latin community of Miami. It is the primary voice of many communities in South Florida, including Dominicans, Nicaraguans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Cubans, as well as shows with no specific national affiliation which appeal to people from all of Latin America.

The diversity of programming on Cadena Azul, not just in nationality, but in format as well, is unsurpassed in the South Florida market, too often fraught with nationality-specific or fixed-format stations.

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