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Salud Sol , como estudio de salud y Cadena Azul 1550 am

Salud Sol is a health study of Hispanics done in 4 cities: Miami, San Diego, Chicago and the Bronx (New York). The distinctive point is that the study divides up Hispanics into the following groups:Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Central American and South American.
The Radio stations participated as the radio broadcast medium used to let the Hispanic community know the results of the study. This broadcast is 1 hour per month and has been going on for over a year.
Ana Vidal Rodriguez participated as part of the Community Advisory Board and Ruby Feria participated as the on-air host of all the programs.

Cadena Azul en Cuba Nostalgia 2014

Cuba Nostalgia event in Coral Way and 112 ave. Today until 11pm. This is the table of La Poderosa 670 am and Cadena Azul 1550 AM. With Ninoska Rodríguez people are playing roulette stations, winning awards and inscribing public raffle of a trip to San Agustin with broadcasters.

CubaNostalgia takes pride in dedicating 2014 to the great Celia Cruz. Celia, who visited CubaNostalgia several times, took Cuban and Latin American music to a whole new level all around the world. Besides having a unique voice and great charisma, she was a wonderful human being.

Expolit 14 con Cadena Azul

Expolit is much more than a convention of books and music. Expolit is an annual meeting point where hundreds of Christians all over the world and from different areas ministerial meet to: strengthen commercial ties, plan strategies aimed at Kingdom, join forces, learn, teach and create effective partnerships with the sole purpose of “Expand the Kingdom.” For this purpose, every year takes place in Miami this major international event with exhibitions, training seminars, various workshops, general conferences and concerts. They featured speakers, authors and Christian musicians involved.  A real ministry to the Hispanic people.
Cadena Azul is present promoting their stations, with many gifts, wheel of fortune, raffles of Travel to Key West, interviews with participants from the U.S. and Latin America with our sponsors Vida Medical Center and Café Domino.

Charlie Zaa en Vallenato Internacional

One of the hottest stars out of Colombia, Charlie Zaa, came to visit Cadena Azul with Johnny Carrasquilla on "Vallenato Internacional". The singer of such legendary groups as "Grupo Niche" and "Guayacán" and a prolific solo career came to have fun and reach his fans in Miami.

José José visita a Cadena Azul

The legendary Mexican singer, known as "The Prince of song", José José, visited Cadena Azul as a guest on "Al Medio Dia con Al Fuentes" on August 30th, 2011. This living idol of Latin American song has touched the lives of people all over the world with his beatiful music and is one the most recognized voices in the world. He stuck around for the full 2 hours with Al and gang, joking and laughing and sharing the experiences of his long and storied career.

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